C Purlin
Z Purlin


Kextra produces a range of galvanized C-Purlins and girts for building construction applications. Manufactured from quality high tensile zinc galvanised steel with cold roll forming process to ensure high degree of accuracy ad consistency in the dimensions of our formed purlin, and are available either plain or with textured surfaces on the web. Pre-punched holes either round or elongated on the webs are custom drilled according to requirements to provide effecient erection upon delivery without further fabrication and painting work at site.

Material Specifications

Hot dip galvanized steel to JIS G3302 or AS1397 with Hi-Tensile Grade G450 Minimum Yield Stress.


Length: ± 5mm Web (DIM.H): ± 3mm Flange (DIM.B): ± 3mm Hole Centres: ± 2mm Thickness: ± 0.18mm

Feature & Benefits

• Service promise-quality, competitively priced, on time delivery.
• Quality product and proven manufacturing and supply records.
• High degree of accuracy and cosistency in dimensions.
• Thickness options for economy design.
• High tensile steel – high strength and low weight.
• Pre-punched holes and custom cut lengths facilitate construction erection.
• Gives greater stiffness and straighter cladding lines.

Specification & Section Properties

Load – Span Table

Maximum Allowable Span

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Contact between galvanized steel and incompatible materials (e.g. Copper tube) must be avoided as premature corrosion could happen. Purlins should be stored off the ground on a slightly sloped position.

Delivery, Storage, and Handling

  • Upon delivery, exercise care in unloading, stacking, moving, storing and erecting to prevent twisting, bending, scratching, or denting.
  • Store it in a safe, dry environment under a waterproof covering.
  • Allow adequate ventilation to prevent condensation.
  • Purlins should be stored off the ground on a slightly sloped position.

Simply Supported Connection Details

The Purlin Quick Selection Table are derived in accordance to BS 5950 : Part 5 : 1987.
“Code Of Practice For Design Of Cold Formed Section” with maximum roof pitch 30o and roofing sheet distributed load 6.55 kg/m2.

Pre-Punched Hole Arrangements and Options

Kextra Galvazined C Purlin are manufactred in custom cut lengths. It can be supplied either with or without punched holes. If punched holes are required, the following are pre-punched holes arrangements and option.