Boxed C-Section 100


Why Use KEXTRA Trusses?
  • Lightweight
    In comparison to conventional timber trusses, KEXTRA trusses, are extremely light yet strong due to its high tensile strength of min 550 MPa.
  • Great Fire Resistance
    Our non-combustible trusses offer continuous fire resistance over the life of the building.
  • Termite & Pest Resistance
    When houses or buildings constructed on palm oil or rubber estates which are normally infested with termites and other pets, do not worry as these trusses are 100% termite free borer proof. This also means no additional chemical treatment are termite free required to protect your home; this also creates a healthier home and is recognized internationally as the preferred alternative for those suffering from respiratory problems.
  • Environmentally-friendly
    Using steel trusses for both commercial and residential building greatly reduce the amount of trees that are cut down for use in building. Extra trusses completely eliminate the use of timber which is a scarce commodity in roofing system.
  • Strong and Durable
    When it comes to strength and durability required in building materials, wooden trusses cannot be matched. Out of all materials used in construction, steel has the maximum strength to weight rations. Wood can crack, splinter, swell and warp,  where steel does not. A building with a wood frame will react to climate, which can cause expansion and other shifts of the building.
  • Cost Effective
    Trusses are individually engineered which optimises the steel truss components to suit the design loads applied to them. Manufacturing of trusses optimises steel stock, leading to minimize of wastage. The are many home designs which are conducive to roof trusses and deliver an overall cost saving compared to a traditional stick-built roof.